Autospurgo 90, through its own experience, is able to satisfy all requirements for the good management of waste produced from private citizens, small and large companies, Public Bodies, and subjects operating in the sector of (waste treatment plants or storage).
The main business activity consists in the COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT OF SEPTIC TANKS, service for which the company offers free cost estimates, and ensures the timeliness of the performance having at its disposal service availability for emergency interventions non-stop including Saturdays and holidays.
For activities of COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT OF COMPANIES WASTE, the company has qualified staff that, in case of need, can make a free survey at the company to estimate the needs of the customer offering the best solution for the waste disposal and defining in short times operating procedures, the best offer and service conditions.
Being registered at SISTRI (Waste Tracking System), the company is able to arrange in advance all necessary  documentation for the transport of hazardous waste.
The will to maintain constant technological investment allows the company to have tankers from 2 to 30 MC of any size and transport capacity and no. 2 vans for micro collection.
According to the needs, Autospurgo 90 possesses advanced equipment to make CLEANING SERVICES AND DRAIN UNBLOCKING with the presence of calcareous sediments and/or roots such as nozzles of different shapes and size.
Moreover, the company also carries out SERVICES OF VIDEOINSPECTION, pipes of all sizes checking for any breakages and/or depressions with the possibility to record the performance on USB stick issued directly to the customer at the time of the service; a part from the telecamera, the company has a LOCATOR FOR PIPES with depthometer that allows carrying out the mapping and the path of the pipe concerned.
Autospurgo 90 pays special attention to the training of their own employees in order to offer high, specialized professional performance. All operators participate in training courses and they’re holding certificates of attendance. Lately, the company staff attended the training course for the work in confined environments or suspectes of pollution that allows to carry out CLEANING SERVICES AND MAINTENANCE OF TANKS AND RESERVOIRS. For execution of these services, the company provides to its own employees all personal protection equipment and appropriate and necessary instrumentation, for example: gas detector, forced ventilation device, tripod…etc… to ensure the total security and efficiency of operational processes.